Abundance of Commercially Important Coral Reef Fishes in Tawi-Tawi

Published: 28 March 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xcm6p4dknk.1
Richard Muallil


from Muallil et al., 2019: "Fish abundance was determined during the extensive surveys, which were done every three days as much as possible for a total of 94 sampling days from January to December 2018 at the public market in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi. In each sampling visit, all the fishes that were displayed on the stalls of vendors selling reef fishes where photographed from about a meter from the top of the stalls. From the pictures, all the fish were counted and identified to the species level as much as possible. To avoid resampling of the same fish, photograph from each stall was taken only once a day. Accordingly, all the fish that are sold within the day are fresh catches as vendors do not have cold storage to preserve their fish for the next day"



Mindanao State University Tawi-Tawi College of Technology and Oceanography


Coral Reef, Coastal Fisheries


National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) of the Philippines