Numerical simulation data of building integrated solar thermal collectors under diverse conditions

Published: 8 April 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/xcpyjj2gv7.2
Paris Fokaides,


This dataset presents the thermal performance of building-integrated flat solar collectors with a uniform and multiple riser structure. The input data of the numerical model were obtained with the use of the PVGIS tool. Solar radiation and ambient temperature values at slopes 0º,45º, and 90º were extracted and used as boundary conditions. Numerical calculations were carried using Finite Element (FE) analysis. Three-dimensional transient models were developed to calculate the investigated configurations' thermal performance based on the environmental temperature, the solar radiation, and the inclination angle. Data of hourly heat flux through the building masonry with the building-integrated solar collector and average fluid temperature of each system is presented. The data provided could be utilized to develop a building-integrated solar collector with improved efficiency or to be used for another numerical model investigation.



Frederick University School of Engineering


Heat Transfer, Finite Element Methods, Building Integrated Solar Collector, Solar Thermal Collector