Datasets supporting fruit components biomass and carbon stocks derivation of Strychnos madagascariensis and S. spinosa

Published: 1 February 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xczzcyjd69.1


These datasets are associated with a research article currently under review in a Journal. They support findings of an original manuscript which aimed to determine biomass allocation between fruit components of Strychnos madagascariensis and Strychnos spinosa and to investigate the carbon stocks sequestrated by fruits. They also contain scripts/codes of data analyses carried out using the R-software (R DEVELOPMENT CORE TEAM: a language and environment for statistical computing). The research was conducted with the intention of assessing the relevance of allometric (regression) techniques in the quantification of biomass and carbon stocks sequestrated by fruits in response to the growing need to evaluate the wild fruit biomass production of savannah ecosystems for both commercial and ecological purposes. Details of the findings are to be found in the article that will be available in coming days. Raw data-tables were obtained from a harvest of 400 ripe fruits of both plant species. Biomass measurements were done on individual fruits and laboratory work was made with grouped fruits. Further details have to be found in the article.


Steps to reproduce

The R-script file contains a very rich and helpful code for those who are keen on using R-software and doing programming. The code can be used to reproduce the techniques and findings presented in the manuscript for other fruit-bearing plant species across the world. In addition, it contains constructive easy-to-use algorithms obtained using the R package "ggplot2", which can also be used to reproduce the graphs and fitting of models presented in the manuscript.


University of Zululand Faculty of Science and Agriculture


Biomass Allocation, Fruit, Yield Analysis