Data accompanying a paper entitled "Pervasive Velocity-Weakening Behavior of Simulated Quartz Gouge at Crustal Faulting Conditions""

Published: 7 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xdg74z5byv.1
Jianye Chen, Andre Niemeijer


The dataset contains the processed data from 29 experiments, where were performed, using the ring-shear hydrothermal deformation apparatus, on simulated quartz gouges at a fixed effective normal stress of 50 MPa and a fluid pressure of 100 MPa, exploring the friction parameters over a wide range of temperatures (25-650 °C) and velocities characteristic of earthquake nucleation and subsequent subseismic acceleration (1 nm/s-300 μm/s) with small steps (1.75-3 folds). The information of all the 29 experiments is given in table named "Summary of experiments". In the individual experiment, the 'text' file entitled "Data_uxxx" (where xxx is the experiment number) is a table, including the following 15 columns: Time Normalload Pf T Displ LPv TauAB Taucorr Mu Mucorr h hlvdt Ec Vsam Vload with the following 15 units: s MPa MPa degreeC mm micron/s MPa MPa -- -- micron micron micron micron/s micron/s



China Earthquake Administration Institute of Geology


Fault Zone, Coefficient of Friction