Unit cell volume and parameters in LN:Er ([Er] = 0.08÷2.71 wt%) crystals

Published: 9 June 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/xdgw33pvr7.2
Ольга Макарова


This dataset describes concentration dependences of LiNbO3:Er ([Er] = 0.08÷2.71 wt%) crystals structure particularities: unit cell volume and parameters. Crystals were grown in one technological cycle. 7 crystal samples have been grown, Er concentration in them: 0.08 wt% (sample 1), 0.8 (2), 1.52 (3), 2.19 (4), 2.48 (5), 2.66 (6), 2.71 (7).


Steps to reproduce

The most difficult part is growing of LN:Er crystals in one technological cycle. Other details are easy - cut from grown boules 7*5*6 parallelepipeds with edges coinciding with crystal axes; take an XRD spectrum using diffractometer DRON-6; refine obtained XRD spectra by Rietveld method using program complex PdWin.


Institut himii i tehnologii redkih elementov i mineral'nogo syr'a imeni I V Tananaeva KNC RAN


Niobate, Crystal Structure, Lithium