Data for: Delineating the relative contribution of climate related variables to chlorophyll-a and phytoplankton biomass in lakes using the ERA5-Land climate reanalysis data

Published: 15 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xdhbjvkprf.1
Konstantinos Stefanidis, George Varlas, Aikaterini Vourka, Anastasios Papadopoulos, Elias Dimitriou


These files contain the raw data used for modelling chlorophyll-a concentration and phytoplankton biomass using ERA5-Land variables as predictors. The datasets contain 640 measurements of chlorophyll-a concentration and 452 measurements of phytoplankton biomass from 51 water bodies of Greece. The measurements were collected from 2013 to 2016 under the National Lake Monitoring Programme according to the implementation of the Water Framework Directive. The data are freely accessible in the following site: In addition they contain ERA5-Land climate and lake related variables on average monthly basis.Theextraction was conducted for the nearest grid cell to the centroid of the lake applying the nearest-neighbor interpolation algorithm. Specifically, we extracted the following variables: zonal component of the 10-m wind, meridional component of the 10-m wind, total (surface and subsurface) runoff, total precipitation, air temperature, lake bottom temperature, lake mix-layer temperature, lake mix-layer depth, lake total-layer temperature, and lake shape factor. For precipitation and runoff, we edited the native average monthly data to calculate the accumulated monthly values for each month. Average monthly wind speed was calculated through the zonal and meridional components of the 10-m wind to be used in further analysis. The available chlorophyll-a and phytoplankton biomass measurements were matched with monthly values of the climate reanalysis data based on the date of the sampling. For the spatial match of measurements with the gridded climate data, the nearest-neighbor interpolation algorithm was also applied. Thus, we generated two datasets, one containing 640 cases of chlorophyll-a paired with monthly values of the climate related variables and another containing 452 cases of phytoplankton biomass also paired with climate related variables