Data for: Silurian-Devonian lithospheric thinning and thermally softening along the northern margin of the Tarim Craton: geological mapping, petro-structural analysis and geochronological constraints

Published: 8 February 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xdhxyk6yvh.1
Jun Ning,
Yingde Jiang,
Karel Schulmann,
Sheng Wang,
Pengfei Li,
Shuai Shi,
Huaning QIU


The datasets contain two supplemental tables (Table S1 to S2). Table S1 show the LA-ICP-MS zircon and monazite U-Pb data for the key samples of Korla area, NE Tarim Craton. Table S2 display the Biotite 40Ar/39Ar stepwise heating data of mylonitic granite from the Korla area, NE Tarim Craton.



Geology, Geochronology