Dataset for "Factors Affecting Support for Transnational Conservation of Migratory Species"

Published: 23 March 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/xfhdfgps43.2


NOTE: This version provides an updated version of the "data.dta", which now contains 38 variables instead of 29. It also now contains a CSV version of the DTA file. The data is collected through lab-in-field experiments in Denmark, Spain, and Ghana. Participants were initially asked to perform a small effort task (i.e., correctly counting the number of 1’s and 0’s in a page) to earn money and then asked how much of their earnings they would be willing to donate for the conservation of the habitats of a migratory bird species. The bird, the Montagu’s Harrier, is an endangered bird species and migrates from Denmark to Spain to Ghana for wintering and back to Denmark for breeding. Donations were made to BirdLife International, an international non-governmental organization, whose mission it is to conserve birds and their habitats. A total of 720 individuals were invited to participate (i.e., 240 in each country) and 716 participants showed up (i.e., 237 in Denmark, 239 in Spain, and 240 in Ghana). At the end of the experiment, individual socio-demographic characteristics along with donation and environmental preferences were collected. Related Publication: -------------------- Title: "Factors Affecting Support for Transnational Conservation Targeting Migratory Species" Authors: Mathias Vogdrup-Schmidt, Anna Lou Abatayo, Jason F. Shogren, Niels Strange, and Bo Jellesmark Thorsen Journal: Ecological Economics 157 (2019), pp. 156-164 Coverage: --------- Spatial coverage: The data was obtained from a lab-in-the-field experiment in three countries: Denmark, Spain, and Ghana. Experiments in Denmark were ran at the University of Copenhagen, in Spain were ran at Pompeu Fabra University, and in Ghana at the University of Ghana. Temporal coverage: The experiment was carried out in April 2016. This dataset contains the following files: - One Stata DTA file ("data.dta") - One CSV file ("data.csv") - Four Stata Do-Files ("00 RunMe", "00 RunMe_Windows", "01 Analysis", and "02 Graphs") - Consent form in English ("SM - 00 Consent Form") - Experiment instructions in English for the following: * Introduction ("SM - 01 General GES") * Small Effort Task ("SM - 02 SmallEffort S") * Dictator Game ("SM - 03 Dictator TOS", "SM - 03 Dictator T1S", "SM - 03 Dictator T2S", "SM - 03 Dictator T3SED", "SM - 03 Dictator T3SEG", "SM - 03 Dictator T3SES") - Certificate of Donation in English ("SM - 03 Certificate") - Photo of the bird and its habitat ("SM - 03 Photo_BirdHabitat") - Questionnaire in English ("SM - 04 Questionnaire")


Steps to reproduce

To reproduce the output for this paper, please take the following steps: 1. Download the zipped data and unzip to your desired location. 2. Open the do-file "00" if you are a Mac user and "" if you are a Windows user. Edit the file path in Line 57 to point to where the unzipped data folder is. Save the edit version. 3. Run the entire "00" if you are a Mac user. If you are a Windows user, open "01", run Line 17, and then the rest of the do-file.


Kobenhavns Universitet, University of Wyoming, Wageningen Universiteit


Economics, Ecological Economics, Group Collaboration, Behavioral Economics


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European Research Council

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