Scheduled Castes Federation of Pakistan:Basic Manifesto, Constitution and Program

Published: 1 September 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xfjhkppykr.1
Ghulam Hussain


شیڈیول_کاسٹ_فیڈریشن_آف_پاکستان Scheduled Castes Federation of Pakistan بنیادی منشور، دستور و پروگرام Basic Manifesto, and Constitution Program (Proposed Manifesto) ( مجوزہ_دستور) گنپت_راۓ Ganpat Rai پبلشر : شعبہ نشر و اشاعت، شیڈیول کاسٹ فیڈریشن آف پاکستان


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The data was shared by Dalit activists while doing ethnography of Dalit activism in Sindh, Pakistan