Dataset for "Simulation of Atmospheric Microbursts Using a Numerical Mesoscale Model at High Spatiotemporal Resolution"

Published: 3 February 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xfxkpsg4mc.1
Pedro Bolgiani


In the associated paper, the Weather Research and Forecasting model is used at resolutions of 400 m and 3 min to test if it can properly capture the variables and dynamics of high-reflectivity microbursts observed in the MIST project. Several microphysics and planetary boundary layer parametrizations are tested to find the best model configuration for the simulation of this kind of episodes. Due to the high resolution used, the 12 simulations produced are over 740 GB is size. Only the WRF configuration files are provided here, to reproduce the simulations if necessary. The NCL scripts can plot and test different variables in the simulations. A table with numerical results is provided. See each file description for further detail.


Steps to reproduce

The Advanced Research WRF model version 3.7.1 is used. The NCAR Command Language software, version 6.6.2 is used. Please, refer to the associated paper or the corresponding author for further information.


Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Meteorology, Numerical Modeling, Atmosphere Modelling