Data for: Late Mississippian glacio-eustasy recorded in the east Paleo-Tethys Ocean (South China)

Published: 02-08-2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xg6s7rwhpw.1
Jitao Chen,
Xiaoxu Tian,
Yu-Ping Qi,
Qingyi Sheng,
Xiangdong Wang,
Keyi Hu,
Wei Lin,
Isabel Montanez,
Le Yao


The supplementary data includes the conodont oxygen isotopes originally published by Chen B. et al. in PPP in 2016 from the Naqing carbonate slope succession. We renormalized the stratigraphic height and carried out a LOESS (factor 0.1) smoothing, and used in Fig. 10 of our present paper.