Code experimental task

Published: 4 July 2020| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/xgc3dtg4mr.4
Alda Rivas


The html documents presented here were developed for the experimental task in Rivas and Beier (2020). Relationship between episodic memory and the memory benefits of retrieval and restudy practice for related and unrelated words (submitted for publication). The experimental task consists of two parts: The document "Learning Session" is the task where participants practice learning related and unrelated words through either retrieval or restudy. The document "Final Session" is the final task where participants try to recall all the words that they practiced during the "Learning Session". Researchers should feel free to run the experiment as is, or to change any of the parameters in order to fit their research design (e.g., change stimuli, stimuli presentation time, retention intervals, etc.).



Rice University


Experimental Psychology, Memory Retrieval, Episodic Memory, Paired-Associate Learning