Supplementary data for Qian et al. submission (GRL)

Published: 20 March 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/xgx56ywtk7.2
shengping qian


Table S1. Geochemical and isotopic compositions of Cenozoic lavas from Wudi (WD) Table S2. LA-ICP-MS analyses of clinopyroxenes from WD lavas, clinopyroxenes from Xenoliths in WD lavas, and USGS basalt glass standards Table S3. The Pb isotopic data for clinopyroxene and groudmass from WD lavas, and clinopyroxenes from Xenoliths in WD lavas Table S4. The compositions of olivines from WD lavas Table S5. The compositions of Late Cenozoic lavas with SiO2 < 55 wt. % from eastern China. Table S6. Monte Carlo modeling for Pb isotope source composition from Paleo-Asian ocean crust.


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The mantle transition zone hosts the missing HIMU reservoir beneath eastern Chinaate Cenozoic basalts (Qian et al. GRL)