Design- and support-files for a transportable temperature and heatwave control device (TENTACLE)

Published: 4 April 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/xh4h6kn382.2


Dataset includes Software, Electronic Design, and Lasercut files to rebuild the Arduino-based temperature and heatwave control device (TENTACLE). The device is transportable, inexpensive, multifunctional, and easily reproducible. TENTACLE offers water temperature monitoring and manipulation of up to 3 different climate change-related scenarios: i) natural (ambient) sinusoidal fluctuations (laboratory applications), ii) elevated fluctuations, and iii) heatwaves as extreme events. The use of replaceable heating elements and low-cost materials suitable for field studies creates a high flexibility for researchers who may conduct in- or out-door, small- or large-scale, fresh- or salt-water experiments at different geographical locations. Thus, the technology is independent of any limitations that installed machineries of testing facilities involve. Considering temperature manipulations with environmentally realistic temperature fluctuations, the high flexibility as well as the multifunctionality of TENTACLE opens access to improved and novel tools for future climate change-related temperature research questions in a single- or multiple-stressor context.


Steps to reproduce

The hardware description, building and operation instructions, material and application details, and device validation and characterization of TENTACLE can be found in the article: "A transportable temperature and heatwave control device (TENTACLE) for laboratory and field simulations of different climate change scenarios in aquatic micro- and mesocosms".


Wageningen Universiteit


Ecology, Aquatic Science, Software, Environmental Science, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Toxicology, Aquatic Ecosystem, Marine Ecology, Change in Climate Extremes, Free Software, Electronic Design, Programmable Logic Controller, Sensor, Temperature, Laser Cutting, Computer Software, Climate Change, Aquatic Ecology, Ecosystem, Application of Sensors, Building Indoor Temperature, Temperature Measurement, Freshwater Ecology, Water Temperature, Microcosm Study, Design of Field Experiment, Application Software