Kartal District of Istanbul

Published: 11 January 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xhz8m74pp7.1
Firat Kilci,
, Buse Eylul Oruc


Kartal district of Istanbul data set is first discussed in "Locating temporary shelter areas after an earthquake: A case for Turkey" article of Kilci F, Kara BY, Bozkaya B, 2015. (Kılcı F, Kara BY, Bozkaya B, 2015 Locating temporary shelter areas after an earthquake: A case for Turkey. European Journal of Operational Research 243(1):323- 332.) Kartal is specified as the 11th most crowded district among the 39 districts of Istanbul and has nearly $425,000$ inhabitants. There are 20 sub-districts in Kartal and the population of each is assumed to be concentrated in its center. Moreover, there are 25 points of interests (POI) which are determined as emergency rallying points. These POIs include school yards, mall parking lots and some other appropriate points. The locations of 45 nodes are presented in the KARTAL.jpg. Rallying points are the first 25 nodes and the rest are sub-districts. Symmetric node to node distance matrix and a matrix describing ground transportation network existence are also defined.



Transport, Network (Computer Science), Vehicle Routing Problem, Network Routing, Turkey