Published: 4 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xk5hg4d5bg.1
Tefera Alemu


Knowledge, attitude, practices and its associated factors on COVID_19 among Dessie city residents, Northeast Ethiopia: a cross-sectional study


Steps to reproduce

We conducted a facility-based cross-sectional study among 424 Dessie city residents from 17 to 21/05/2020. We collected data through face-to-face interviews using pretested and a structured questionnaire. The questionnaire is first prepared in English language and then translated to Amharic version, which is the resident’s mother tongue and the national working language. We developed the questionnaire from different literatures and the World Health Organization resources. The questionnaire addressed information on socio-demographic characteristics, knowledge, attitude and practice towards COVID_19. We assessed practice objectively using some observation items. We collected observational data once we made a hand washing service ready for clients at the health facilities entry site. We observed participants' physical distancing and face mask utilization in their stay in the facility. Eight health professionals took part as a data collector.


Knowledge Attitudes Practice Theory