Proso millet (Panicum miliaceum L.): A potential crop to meet demand scenario for sustainable saline agriculture

Published: 29 June 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/xk7ghzx2wg.2
Yuhao Yuan, Chunjuan Liu, Yongbin Gao, Qian Ma, Qinghua Yang,


Supplemental dataset S1 Mapping on the Panicum miliaceum L. genome in SS 212 and ST 47. Supplemental dataset S2 Number of genes in the two proso millets under salt stress and re-wtering. Supplementary tables S1 K+/Na+ ratio differences between SS 212 and ST 47 in response to salt stress and re-watering. Supplementary tables S2 Summary of read generated, quality control and mapping on the proso millet genome for each sample for SS 212 and ST 47. Supplementary tables S3 List of primer used for RT-qPCR analysis.



Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University


Transcriptome, Descriptive Table