Ontology-based Heuristics for Process Behavior

Published: 22-07-2016| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xkg32p2bs6.1
Emiliano Reynares,
Jorge Roa


The dataset comprises a set of models as additional material to the article entitled "Ontology-based Heuristics for Process Behavior: Formalizing False Positive Scenarios". Specifically, it contains: * A set of BPMN process models, serialized as XML/JSON files. * A set of ontological models, serialized as OWL files. * A set of SPARQL queries, serialized as TXT files.


Steps to reproduce

For each ontological model of the corresponding BPMN process model: 1) Load the given OWL file into the Protégé editor 2) Start the Pellet inference engine 3) Run the corresponding SPARQL queries (both heuristics and false positive ones).