Data for: Direct tests of fluid-to-fluid scaling expressions for supercritical heat transfer in tubes

Published: 10 November 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xkgjtpwyg5.1
Stavros Tavoularis, Abderrazzak Mouslim


Wall temperature measurements were obtained with closely spaced T-type thermocouples in an electrically heated tube with 8 mm ID containing Refrigerant R134a flowing vertically upwards. The applied pressure, mass flux, heat flux and local bulk temperature were determined by scaling the conditions in previous measurements in CO2 following the fluid-to-fluid scaling expressions of Zahlan, Groeneveld and Tavoularis (2014). Two data sets are provided, containing, respectively, measurements under conditions for normal and deteriorated heat transfer. The ranges of conditions are: pressure fixed at 1.13 times the critical pressure; mass flux from 212 to 1609 kg /(m^2 s); heat flux from 2 to 137 kW/m^2; inlet temperature from 62 to 105 deg C. The bulk fluid enthalpy along the heated tube was calculated using the energy equation. Local values of the thermophysical properties were computed from specified values of pressure and bulk temperature using the NIST software. The files also contain values of previous measurements in carbon dioxide and estimates in water (computed from look-up tables) at equivalent conditions to the R134a data.



Nuclear Engineering