Conjunto de datos del asesoramiento en el diagnóstico institucional del estado de las Competencias Digitales Docente: Caso de la Unidad Educativa del Milenio Amazonas, período académico 2020 - 2021

Published: 5 January 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/xkj9czhpth.2


In an environment mediated by Information and Communication Technologies due to the pandemic (COVID-19), it is necessary the Educational Counselling (EC) in the institutional diagnosis of the professional training needs (D1.C2.GE4) of the Teaching Digital Competences (TDC). Considering that the Amazonas Millennium Educational Unit did not have this diagnosis, the question was posed: to what extent will the counselling of the institutional diagnosis serve to determine the status of the TDC? Within the framework of the Educational Quality Standards, the objective was to counsel the Director in this diagnosis through the Counselling Plan for the determination of the state of the TDC, academic period 2020 - 2021. The study was mixed of explanatory scope and used Action Research, where the Director was the subject of the study. Information gathering techniques such as official documents, interview and Delphi were applied; likewise, analysis techniques such as content analysis and descriptive statistics were used. The results indicated weaknesses and strengths of the School Management at the time of this diagnosis, which was the basis for proposing a Plan, submitted to the judgment and validation of experts. The implementation of the Plan indicated that the stages and methodology of counselling guide the institutional management in a strategic, truthful, pertinent, and sufficient manner. Therefore, it is concluded that the counselling of the institutional diagnosis allows the determination of the state of the TDC, thus favoring the creation of knowledge through the EC process.



Universidad Nacional de Educacion


Teacher Training, Self-Evaluation, Management Quality, Educational Management, Educational Counseling