2014-2019 Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses Data: Evidence-Based Biomedical Publications in MEDLINE with authors from Sub-Saharan Africa

Published: 28 July 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/xkry6rjtjg.3
Toluwase Asubiaro,


Bibliographic data of biomedical systematic reviews and meta-analysis studies published between 2014 and 2019, where at least one author is affiliated with an institution in Sub-Saharan Africa was retrieved from MEDLINE via the PubMed search engine. All forty-six (46) countries in Sub-Saharan Africa were included in the search query as affiliation. The search strategy are decripted in four steps: Step #1: Nigeria[Affiliation] OR South Africa[Affiliation] OR Ghana[Affiliation] OR Tanzania[Affiliation] OR Kenya[Affiliation] OR Rwanda[Affiliation] OR Botswana[Affiliation] OR Cameroun[Affiliation] OR Senegal[Affiliation] OR Angola[Affiliation] OR Uganda[Affiliation] OR Mali[Affiliation] OR Sierra Leone[Affiliation] OR Ivory Coast[Affiliation] OR Ethiopia[Affiliation] OR Lesotho[Affiliation] OR Zambia[Affiliation] OR Zimbabwe[Affiliation] OR Namibia[Affiliation] OR Guinea[Affiliation] OR Mauritius[Affiliation] OR Mozambique[Affiliation] OR Niger[Affiliation] OR Seychelles[Affiliation] OR Burkina Faso[Affiliation] OR Burundi[Affiliation] OR Cape Verde[Affiliation] OR Cameroon[Affiliation] OR Central African Republic[Affiliation] OR Chad[Affiliation] OR Comoros[Affiliation] OR Democratic Republic of Congo[Affiliation] OR DR Congo[Affiliation] OR Djibouti[Affiliation] OR Cote D'ivoire[Affiliation] OR Congo[Affiliation] OR Equatorial Guinea[Affiliation] OR Eritrea[Affiliation] OR Gabon[Affiliation] OR Guinea-Bissau[Affiliation] OR Madagascar[Affiliation] OR Congo Republic[Affiliation] OR Sao Tome and Principe[Affiliation] OR Swaziland[Affiliation] OR Togo[Affiliation] OR Benin[Affiliation] OR Liberia[Affiliation] OR Namibia[Affiliation] OR Gambia[Affiliation] OR (Cent Afr Republ[Affiliation]) OR (Equat Guinea[Affiliation]) OR (Papua N Guinea[Affiliation]) OR (Sao Tome E Prin[Affiliation]) OR Principe[Affiliation] OR Sao Tome E Principe[Affiliation] Step #2 The filter was set to Meta-Analysis[ptyp] OR systematic[sb] Step #3: Text word search systematic review[Text Word] OR meta-analysis[Text Word] OR meta analysis[Text Word] Step #4: Set publication date to: "2014/01/01"[PDAT] : "2019/12/31"[PDAT] The search which was done on April 2nd, 2020 returned 3,171 results. The bibliographic data collected with the queries posed to PubMed were cleaned, duplicates were removed and articles that were not meta-analysis or systematic reviews were removed. MEDLINE is an authoritative and specialized biomedical database for indexing biomedical publications. Query: (Step #1) AND (Step #2 OR Step #3) AND (Step #4)



Evidence-Based Medicine, Content Analysis, Medical Research, Library and Information Science, Academic Librarianship, Subsaharan Africa, Meta-Analysis, Systematic Review, Collaborative Research, Bibliometrics, Biomedical Research