Dataset of the free decay of a mock-blade with dovetails

Published: 8 June 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xkssd7gr92.1
Daniele Botto,


This dataset collects the dynamic behavior of a symmetric mock-blade with dovetail attachment at both ends. Data are useful for researcher in the field of non-linear dynamics or contact mechanics. The symmetric mock-blade was assembled in a test rig, loaded with different axial loads, and excited by a shaker at different amplitudes and frequencies. After the excitation phase, the shaker drive rod was removed from the contact point on the blade to obtain a real free decay. The initial condition is given by the velocity amplitude of the blade mid-point. Data are collected under different axial loads and for two modal shapes, namely the first and the second bending mode. The dataset comprises the velocity free decay as measured and after filtering. The latter data are ready to be immediately reused by users. Post-processed data, namely amplitude-dependent frequency and loss factor are also available. The reduced-order models of the blade and supports are also shared. Moreover, solid models of the blade and support are given so that users can build their own finite element model of the whole system. Reference (*) describes in detail the experimental apparatus, the instrumentation used for the measurements, and the procedure used to acquire the data. (*) M. Glorioso, D. Botto, On the significance of contact stiffness in turbine blade attachments, Mech. Syst. Sig. Process, Submitted.


Steps to reproduce

Data are organized in three folders i) Solid Model ii) Measured and Processed Data iii) FE Reduced Models The Solid Model folder contains solid models of the mock-blade, the slot, and the assembly. Each solid model is provided in four different formats - *.SLDPRT or *.SLDASM (proprietary Solidworks 2020 format), - *.IGS, iges format - *.STEP, STEP format - *.X_T, parasolid format The Measured and Processed Data folder contains the MATLAB files - FIRST_BENDING_MODE.mat - SECOND_BENDING_MODE.mat. These files are MATLAB array of structures and contain the raw and filtered date together with post-processed data. These files can be loaded in MATLAB with the command “load(‘filename.mat’)”. The FE Reduced Models folder contains - FE_Reduced_Model.mat, a dataset file in MATLAB format; - Structures.xlsx, a table describing the structure of the file FE_Reduced_Model.mat - View_FE_reduced_Model.m, a MATLAB script to visualize data provided in FE_Reduced_Model.mat and showing how degrees of freedom are organized. Reference (*) explain how data can be reproduced. Reference (**) gives more details on data organization and how they can be reused. (**) M. Glorioso, D. Botto, Free decay dataset of a mock-blade with dovetails under different initial condition and axial loads, Data in Brief, Submitted.


Politecnico di Torino Dipartimento di Ingegneria Meccanica e Aerospaziale


Non-Linear Dynamics, Contact Mechanics, Dry Friction, Blade Root Fixings