Impact of Dermatologic Consultation on Cutaneous Immune-Related Adverse Events in Cancer Patients

Published: 26-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xktzhx8bxs.1
Nira Krasnow,
Leah Thompson ,
Edward Li,
Gabriel Molina,
Michael Chang,
Nicole Polyakov,
Jaewon Yoon,
Jordan Said,
Kevin Huang,
Amy Blum,
Juhi Kuchroo ,
Andrea Hinton,
Kerry Reynolds,
Steven Chen


Though cutaneous immune-related adverse events (cirAEs) are common among patients on immune checkpoint inhibitors, relationships between dermatology referral, cirAE treatment, and survival outcomes remain underexplored. In this study, we sought to comprehensively categorize cirAE patterns among all patients treated with immunotherapy at our institution, and to evaluate 1) the effect of dermatology referral on cirAE treatment, and 2) the impact of cirAE treatment on survival.