Station: A Abordagem Sobre O Cruising Bar Na Tese De Camilo Braz [Trabalho Submetido Para Publicação] 2024 (Preprint).

Published: 19 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xkzw6fk7rv.1
João Da Silva Junior


Abstract:This essay makes a brief analysis of the presentation, information,representations and analyzes about the Station bar: a cruising barthat served as one of the research fields for professor Camilo Braz'sdoctoral thesis. We will discuss the differences between cruising barsin relation to other places researched, with special attention to thedefinition of a cruising bar as a unique place rather than just a “sexclub”. We analyzed the ways in which the author presented the place,its audience and its physical constitution, with the offer of privatecabins for sex being one of its main differentiators. We advance insome elucidations in the light of socio-anthropological theory,intertwined with other ethnographies about cruising spaces of sexualinteraction between men. Given the originality of Braz's research atthe time, we believe that there was some confusion about thedefinitions and approaches to the place. Something that we boldlyintend to help correct based on current knowledge of this ecosystem.Finally, we discuss how, although very distant in time, Station wasthe precursor to the boom of cruising bars that would emerge yearslater in Brazil. Keywords:Cruising. Hookup. Sex. Homosexuality. Masculinities.



Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro Departamento de Sociologia, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro


Sexuality, Man, Male, Masculinism, Virilization