Spatial Datasets for: Legacy Iron and Steel Wastes in the UK: Extent, Resource Potential, and Management Futures.

Published: 1 September 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xmvnbsrymd.1
Alex Riley, Jessica McKie, Adam Jarvis, Phil Renforth, Will Mayes, Ian Burke, Karen Hudson-Edwards, John MacDonald


Spatial databases of historical UK Iron and Steel Industries and associated slag deposits. Slag database compiled using Environment Agency (England) and Natural Resources Wales Historic Landfill Databases. Details of database production methods available in the main article. Provided for download in ESRI Shapefile and KML format. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UK_IronSteelSlagDatabase_May2020 - FID (Feature ID) - Shape (Polygon) - Town - Site (Given site name) - GridRef (National Grid Reference) - Easting_sl (x-coordinate of centroid, metres) - Northing_s (y-coordinate of centroid, metres) - Works (Associated iron/steel works) - Works_Form (Year works formed) - Works_Clos (Year works closed) - Works_Dura (Duration of works) - Volume_m3 (Calculated volume of slag (see main article)) - Furnace_Ty (Type of furnaces used at works) - Country - County - Source (Data source of shapefile) Contains Environment Agency information © Environment Agency and/or database right. Contains Natural Resources Wales information © Natural Resources Wales and Database Right. All rights Reserved. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UK_IronSteelWorksDatabase_May2020 - FID (Feature ID) - Shape (Point) - Company (Iron/steel company name) - Country - County - Town - Easting (x-coordinate of centroid, metres) - Northing (y-coordinate of centroid, metres) - Iron (Was iron produced? Yes/No) - Steel (Was steel produced? Yes/No) - Active (Are works active? Yes/No) - Founded (Year) - Closed (Year) - Operational (Duration of works, years) - Present (Is works present? Yes/No) - Slag (Was slag identified as present? Yes/No) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------



Waste Management, Geographic Information Systems, Steel, Spatial Analysis, Slag, Industrial History