Astrolinguistics' Tanuang Language: The Formulation of The New Study of Macro Linguistics

Published: 26-07-2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/xn9zr5g5j5.3
Yunis Muhammad


This research aims to bring forth new ideas in the linguistics field. The object of this research focuses on tanuang language that develops in coastal Minangkabau communities. Through this study, the value system in tanuang language will be evaluated for the benefit of new studies in the field of linguistics. This research also aims to marry two scientific disciplines between linguistics and astrology. Because is tanuang itself is one of fortune-telling science related to astrology. In principle, tanuang uses planetary symbols and symbols contained in the universe. The result of the marriage of these two scientific disciplines was initiated into a new study in the field of linguistics called astro-linguistics. The next stage of this research is to explain the astrological forms of tanuangese symbols. From astrology, astro-linguistic functions and their meanings can be explained. This paper aims to explain the value system contained behind the symbol of the tanuang language. This value system is useful as a formulation of the next generation of young generation character education. In this research, the writer uses a qualitative interpretative method with an ethnomethodology approach. The ethnomethodology in question is related to understanding how people begin to see, explain, and describe the order in the world in which they live. The data obtained by field participation in the form of baguru methods and semi-structured interviews. The baguru method is needed to get data that is based on the sacred language tanuang. Stages of data analysis include; the data then grouped according to the purpose of the study; describe the structure of forms; data were analyzed by deconstruction and semiotics / hyper-semiotics, explaining the shape of the formed character; and make conclusions. At a deeper level of analysis, the author tries to uncover the ontological, epistemological and axiological truths of the object of study. The findings in this study in the form of interstellar messages or can also be called interplanetary messages. This message is connected in the form of complicated symbols that cannot be understood by ordinary people. Because of this, astro-lingistics tries to occupy an intermediary position to explain the meaning of the messages. Keywords: tanuang, symbols, astro-linguistics, linguistics, values, and astrology.


Steps to reproduce

Research in the language of Tanuang Astrolinguistics aims to uncover the meaning of culture through language symbols and their relation to astronomy. The language symbol is seen as the main archive for reading the value system and philosophy at the deepest level deconstructively. The qualitative interpretative method and ethnomethodology approach are suitable to be applied in this research. Ethnomethodology is a perspective or study of how individuals create and understand their daily lives. Ethnomethodology also tries to know how people begin to see, explain, and describe the order in the world in which they live [8]. This method is beneficial for writers in getting data naturally and then process it with a predetermined analysis knife. This study seeks to rediscover truth through ontological truth, epistemological truth, and axiological truth. The ontological truth departs from several theories used, epistemological truth departs from the qualitative method and axiological truth from the benefits and contributions of research. Ontologically, the authors begin with Linguistic and Astrological approaches. This analysis aims to reveal the meaning contained in the symbol of the Tanuang language so that it can show the value system it provides. Epistemologically, the writer uses qualitative interpretative methods. While axiologically, the writer uses the approach and model of deconstruction reading. It aims to get a deeper meaning from language symbols so that the existing value system can be exploited and can be reformulated for inheritance in the younger generation. To get the appropriate data, the authors apply the research method bag "baguru". It is done to support the application of the ethnomethodology method above. "Baguru method" as long as the references obtained are one method that does not yet exist in outstanding methodological science, including linguistics. The "Baguru Method" that is intended has the following steps; first, testify to be a disciple to the teacher. The teacher here is a tanuang expert. In this process, the proposer will fulfill all the requirements proposed by the teacher to become a student. Second; explore, document the concept of tanuang found in the field. Third; Instinct discussion with the teacher.