Estimation of organic alkalinity quantity and acid-base properties titration dataset

Published: 5 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xpc6vjr8gb.1
Daniel Kerr


Organic alkalinity (OrgAlk) titration data collected using modified Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON) total alkalinity (TA) titration apparatus is presented in this data article. This titration data was processed using, a bespoke Python based non-linear least squares curve fitting program that estimates the quantity and associated acid-base properties of OrgAlk. This allows user to provide estimations of the concentrations and apparent dissociation constants of OrgAlk for inclusion in carbonate system calculations where TA is an input parameter, with the aim to minimize OrgAlk associated error propagation to calculated parameters. The reuse potential of data presented is through its use in user familiarization with, allowing carbonate chemistry researchers who utilize GOA-ON TA titration apparatus to gain insights into the quantity and acid-base properties of OrgAlk.



Dublin City University


Chemistry, Marine Chemistry, Carbon Cycle, Ocean Acidification