Debugging the FUMILIM minimization package

Published: 3 October 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/xphc8ctxr3.3


The suggested package FUMILIM, based on famous FUMILI minimization package, has the following advantages. Unlimited number of parameters (multi-set tasks). Ability to work with multidimensional experimental points, described by a vector function. The preliminary scan is envisaged for complicated tasks. For heavy user's functions the parallel fit is envisaged with the help of OpenMP service. Multi-optional user interface, including the option to ignore wrong experimental points. The package contains popular intrinsic user's functions. All of them can be used without the definition of the parameter initial values. There is a package of fast track reconstruction programs for working with detectors, including drift chambers. The capacity of these programs is about of 106 tracks per second (at 2.8 GHz). In the corrected version a number of bugs is fixed. The service for multi-set tasks has been essentially expanded. Information support of poorly converged tasks and removing of wrong experimental points is expanded. All programs are written in FORTRAN-90.



Computational Physics, Least Squares Methods