hydrological properties and PAHs content in linden leaves

Published: 29 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xt63zr4f8n.1
Anna Klamerus-Iwan,


Zone: A - rural location; B - city - traffic pollution; C - pollution from fire. Phases: The degree of leaf cover with honeydew was assigned to the following phases: phase 0 (up to 10% of the leaf surface), phase 1 (between 11 and 30%) and phase 2 (over 30% of leaf cover with honeydew). S - water capacity SumPAH - total amount of aromatic hydrocarbons in small-leaved linden leaves. H1. the type of PAH depends on the source of contamination H2. the amount of PAH affects the hydrological properties of the leaves. H3. the amount of honeydew and pollutants changes the texture of the leaves and changes the water capacity of the tree crowns



Hydrologic Cycle