Incentives Vs. Salaries - Human Resource Practice with Multivariate Analysis

Published: 17 December 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xv6ch3jft4.1
Valliappan Raju


Multivariate analysis using SmartPLS 3.3.3 is executed to assess the measurement model and structural model to analyze the covariance between the constructs, as to arrive at a cost-effective solution. The outcome of research claims that it is an ideal practice to implement task-based incentives in organizations rather than paying fixed salaries irrespective of the size or productivity of companies.


Steps to reproduce

Measurement model and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) was done using SmartPLS analytical tool. Further to Data Editing, next was on data coding. Microsoft Excel was used to code the data. Then, these datasets were exported to SmartPLS. Latent variables were drawn as per research framework. Finally, the PLS calculation was done with given sample set and also with bootstrapped samples.


Limkokwing University of Creative Technology


Employee Engagement