Dynamic Trade, Education and Intergenerational Inequality

Published: 17 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xwc7ncn8nc.1
Han Yang


This replication package contains all the necessary files and instructions to replicate the results presented in the paper "Dynamic Trade, Education and Intergenerational Inequality" published in the Journal of International Economics. The package includes data, code, and detailed instructions to reproduce the figures and tables in the paper.


Steps to reproduce

See a more detailed description in the README file. ## Folder Structure The replication package is organized as follows: ``` Replication_Folder/ ├── data/ │ └── raw/ │ └── [all required raw datasets] ├── code/ │ ├── 01_cleaning/ │ ├── 02_empirical/ │ ├── 03_simplified_case/ │ ├── 04_quantitative/ │ ├── 05_China_Shock/ ├── 01_Master_File_data_cleaning.py ├── 02_Master_File_Empirical.py ├── 03_Master_File_Simplified_Case.py ├── 04_Master_File_Quantitative.py ├── 05_Master_File_Quantitative_China_Shock.py └── README.md ``` ## Data Preparation 1. **Raw Data:** All raw datasets required for replicating the results are located under `./data/raw/`. 2. **Data Cleaning:** The master file `01_Master_File_data_cleaning.py` runs all the scripts under `./code/01_cleaning/`. This master file cleans the raw data from the WIOD and aggregates the variables in the dataset into larger sectors. ``` python 01_Master_File_data_cleaning.py ``` ## Empirical Analysis - The master file `02_Master_File_Empirical.py` runs all the scripts under `./code/02_empirical`. This file uses the cleaned dataset to estimate and construct parameters used in the quantitative model, particularly for trade costs and productivities across countries and sectors. ``` python 02_Master_File_Empirical.py ``` ## Quantitative Experiments ### Simplified Case - The master file `03_Master_File_Simplified_Case.py` performs all quantitative experiments in section 4 of the paper for the simplified two-country and two-sector scenarios. It also generates relevant figures for this section. ``` python 03_Master_File_Simplified_Case.py ``` ### Full Quantitative Analysis - The master file `04_Master_File_Quantitative.py` runs all scripts under `./code/04_quantitative/`. This file performs calibration and quantitative exercises for transitioning from autarky to a trade economy. ``` python 04_Master_File_Quantitative.py ``` ### China Shock Analysis - The master file `05_Master_File_Quantitative_China_Shock.py` runs all scripts under `./code/05_China_Shock/`. This file performs quantitative exercises for the China shocks discussed in section 6.5. ``` python 05_Master_File_Quantitative_China_Shock.py ```


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