Data for: Chloroplast genome analysis of box-ironbark Eucalyptus: structure and relationships

Published: 11 April 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xwdvyttrfp.1
Rose Lorien Andrew, Jasmine Karla Janes, Khawla Gaber Alwadani


These data files contain chloroplast genome sequence data from widespread species in Eucalyptus L’Hérit. section Adnataria Pryor & Johnson ex Brooker (Myrtaceae), which is present in many woodland habitats of eastern Australia. Since little information is available about the molecular biology and chloroplast diversity of this group of species, the aim was to add new species to the list of fully-sequenced chloroplast genomes in Eucalyptus, to enable further exploration of their structures, evolutionary constraints, ancestral relationships and geographic structure. Illumina 150 bp paired end whole-genome shotgun sequence data was used for the assembly of chloroplast genome using reference guided and de novo assembly approaches. We present four circular, annotated, de novo chloroplast genomes. We also provide the chloroplast genome sequences and aligned gene sets of a further 35 individuals by alignment to a reference.



Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Plant Phylogeography, Speciation, Biological Hybridization