Research Data for the paper untitled "High precision 26Al-26Mg chronology of chondrules in unequilibrated ordinary chondrites: evidence for restricted formation ages" from Siron et al.

Published: 9 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xwpx2v5m4d.1
Guillaume Siron


Research data for high precision Al-Mg chronology on unequilibrated ordinary chondrites. This contain: - raw SIMS data for Al-Mg and oxygen three isotopes sessions - full sections BSE mosaic image with and without chondrule names - raw EDS spectrum data in excel format - raw EDS spectrum data in word format including the BSE image with location of EDS spectrums - Mg# of olivine and pyroxene (average, 1SD, n, min, max) for each chondrule investigated


Steps to reproduce

Petrographic study using a SEM and EPMA to find suitable chondrule with mesostasis having high Al/Mg ratios. Oxygen isotopes SIMS analyses on the selected chondrules to characterize them. Al-Mg SIMS analyses on magic minerals as well as the mesostasis phase(s) to obtain ages after CAIs for each chondrules using the isochron method.


University of Wisconsin Madison


Meteorite, Chronology