The CRONUScalc input file for the first cosmogenic 36Cl exposure ages for glacial features on sub-Antarctic Marion Island

Published: 12-02-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xx7znfc8xv.1
Elizabeth M. Rudolph,
David Hedding,
Derek Fabel,
Dominic A Hodgson,
Delia Gheorghiu,
Richard Shanks,
Werner Nel


This dataset provides the input file for calculating 36Cl exposure ages using the CRONUScalcv2.0 website calculator ( ; Marrero et al., 2016) for glacial features on the east coast of Marion Island. Isotope ratios were determined with the 5MV AMS at SUERC. Further method procedures and data attributes are discussed in the associated paper, Rudolph et al. (2020).