General land use and Ecosystem Services supply data for Panguipulli and Ancud Municipalities

Published: 8 December 2018| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/xxczpbyt9g.3
Felipe Benra, Laura Nahuelhual, Cristobal Jullian


The dataset provides raw data on land uses (native forest and pastures) and ecosystem services supply (forage supply, water regulation and recreation opportunities) per farm property for two municipalities in southern Chile; Panguipulli (n=2831) and Ancud (n=2853). For each farm property unit, the total supply and the mean supply of ES is provided, along with other land use metrics as total native forest and pastures, and their respective proportions (pecentage). For Ancud municipality, data is provided for each farm property unit whereas for Panguipulli not every farm property unit contains land use and ecosystem service supply data. However, it is clearly indicated which data is available for each property unit. This data is derived from ES indicators and can be used for studies aimed at understanding relations of ES supply at the property unit and for comparative studies.



Ecosystem Services, Temperate Forest, Farmland Ecology, Chile, Land Use, Ecosystem Services Accounting