Data on societal engagement of Health 4.0 by assessing drivers and challenges for sustainable integration

Published: 19 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xxynwcgk6x.1
Özüm Eğilmez,


The data was collected within a mixed-method, first phase consisting of 2 vignettes that help to identify Health 4.0 as an emerging concept. The second phase consists of 4 main criteria with 11 sub criteria analysed with MACBETH method. The data gathered from 6 individuals, 3 academicians (with expertise health management and strategic management), 2 doctors (medical expertise) and one bank manager (expertise in medical insurance). Participants after the indept interviews, are asked to assess each criteria with the steps of MACBETH. Each of them assessed the alternatives of the value tree within a semantic scale from extreme (an alternative is extremely attractive over another), very strong, strong, moderate, weak to very weak (an alternative is very weakly attractive over another). The assessment has done forming a committee on a consensus-based decision-making process. The data was used for an article to determine drivers and challenges of the Health 4.0 concept entitled “Drivers, Challenges, and Integration of Health 4.0 as Societal Engagement” [1]. The data and method can be used in terms of other novel concepts to create insights and to explore to decision makers’ cognitive perspectives.



Bilecik Seyh Edebali Universitesi Iktisadi ve Idari Bilimler Fakultesi


Strategic Management, Health Care Management, Multiple-Criteria Decision Analysis