Tegosept strips for fly vials

Published: 22 December 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xy4x5fkbnz.1
Laurina Manning


Solution to make strips for drosophila vials to inhibit microbial growth in food.  Particularly useful for sickly stocks.

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Steps to reproduce

TO MAKE TEGOSEPT STRIPS:   1st make a 10% tegosept solution: 100g Tegosept / Liter Dilute in 200 Proof EtOH.   Mix well.  Can be kept in a capped bottle at room temp for years...   Cut filter paper into strips. (Fisher #09-795E, 12.5cm dia circles)   Place strips into a Petri dish, being sure that the strips don’t touch one another or they will stick together later   Wear gloves, and using a pipet, drop the solution onto filter paper strips just until strip is wet.   Allow the solution to dry entirely.  Once strips are rigid and dry, you can move them all into one storage container    We DO NOT WASH the petri or try to remove any crystals, we just keep reusing them over and over as they are.     NOTICE:  TEGOSEPT/METHYL PARABEN IS AN **IRRITANT AND ALLERGEN**  AVOID TOUCHING OR BREATHING POWDER AVOID GETTING SOLUTION ON SKIN.  


Drosophila, Livestock Husbandry