Arribazones del alga Chaetomorpha linum (Müller) Kützing (Chlorophyta) en isla Gran Roque, Venezuela

Published: 31 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xy5jcc76pz.1


Green algae tides degrade the marine environments in which they occur and are a consequence of the anthropogenic nutrients input. On the main tourist beach of Gran Roque Island (Francisco de Miranda Insular Territory, Venezuela) the excessive accumulation of macroalgae is considered alarming, for this reason samples were taken in May 2023 to determine its specific composition. The algae were preserved in 4% formalin and studied with a stereoscopic magnifier, using taxonomic keys for their identification. We found a total of 22 species: 11 Rhodophyta, 10 Chlorophyta and 1 Ochrophyta. The most dominance seaweed was Chaetomorpha linum, being the first time in Venezuela that an arrival of this specie has been reported. The adequate management of domestic effluents, the elimination of surplus macroalgae and the monitory of seaweed accumulation constitute the appropriate strategy to control the presence of C. linum on this island, can be used this species to detecting the marine waters quality



Universidad de Oriente - Nucleo de Sucre


Pollution, Macroalgae, Inventory