Adsorption Dataset on a Fully Packed Silica Gel Bed and three Z-Annular Flow Silica Gel Packed Beds

Published: 7 January 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/xzss43z4fw.3
Siegfried Yeboah,


This dataset contains experimental primary adsorption data obtained from a fully packed bed (FPB) and three Z-annulus packed bed configurations. The three Z-annulus packed bed configurations are described by their annular dimensions as small (SAPB), medium (MAPB) and large (LAPB) corresponding to diametrical ratios (Do/Di) of 2, 2.35 and 3.08, respectively. The packed beds were filled with silica gel (Silicon Dioxide/SiO2) of particle size between 3.35mm-4.75mm. The dataset contains raw temperature data from three mass transfer zones (MTZ) designated on the packed beds and their adjoining walls. The temperatures from the mass transfer zones and corresponding walls were obtaining using Omega K-type thermocouples. The inlet and outlet air conditions of temperature, velocity and relative humidity were obtained using Sentry ST732 Hotwire Anemometers and AZ 8829 Temperature and RH% data loggers. Inlet and outlet pressures were obtained using QEALY differential pressure meter connected to the Yokogawa MV2000 Data Logger. They were obtained as electrical pulses in Voltage and then converted into Pascal’s using manufacturer provided conversion factor. The inlet conditions were setup using a purpose-built air mixing box incorporating a convective fan and humidifier. The dataset has spreadsheets captioned FPB Primary Data, LAPB Primary Data, MAPB Primary Data and SAPB Primary Data, respectively for two experimental test runs, Run 1 and Run 2. On each spreadsheet for each test run are the measured parameters in colour codes along with their units. Graphical plots of the inlet and outlet air temperature and relative humidity obtained from the AZ 8829 Temperature and RH% data loggers are also presented for each packed bed configuration and corresponding test run. From this primary data, the humidity ratio, amount of moisture removed (adsorption capacity), and pressure drops can be determined using appropriate correlations. The typical adsorption profile can also be determined using this data. This dataset also includes spreadsheets on silica gel surface and pore property data from BET measurement obtained from Micromeritics ASAP 2020 (along with a summary report), specific heat capacity data from EXSTAR SII DSC 6220 differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), and thermal conductivity and resistivity data, volumetric specific heat capacity and thermal diffusivity data all obtained from KD2 Pro Thermal Analyser. Three analysis reports on true volume and density measurements from Quantachrome Ultra PYC 1200e gas pycnometer are also included.


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Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Adsorption, Porous Material, Silica Gel