16S, ermB, intI1 qPCR

Published: 2 June 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/xzwmtypskh.1
Jennifer Wardle,


This data set presents the mean qPCR results of 3 replicates for work on the effect of anaerobic digestion on antibiotic resistance genes. The quantified genes were V3-16S, ermB and intI1. The work compares a substrate mix of 1:1 cattle dung with water with the resulting digestate. The anaerobic digesters were underground ambient temperature household scale digesters situated in Bishoftu, Ethiopia, with a retention time of approximately 36 days. Six small-scale dairy farms with functioning digesters were used in the study and visited every 9 days over the 36 day period.



James Hutton Institute Library and Information Services, University of Aberdeen, Addis Ababa University


Anaerobic Digestion, Ethiopia, Antibiotic Resistance