Fixation offset decreases pupillary inhibition of return.

Published: 26 June 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/y2yz5ngdm4.1
Lukasz Michalczyk


Email: About ===== This archive contains the data of individual participants and the summarized data for two experiments. Full experimental details are described in: Content ===== ## Two folders: - 'raw data' with edf files of each participant - 'data prepared for analysis' with two behavioral files: behavioral_cue.xlsx and behavioral_gap_no_cue_xlsx (trials with/without cue presentation) and pupil measure: pupil.xlsx ## Relevant variables in `pupil.xlsx`: - 'Recording session label' - subject number - 'Trial_N': the ordinal number of a trial (without counting fixation break trials) - 'Trial_Index': - the ordinal number of a trial from a pool of all trials (including fixation breaks) - 'Bin index': the ordinary number of samples (20ms each) - 'RT': reaction time on target (ms) - 'Cond': condition (FIX=fixation trials, GAP=fixation offset trials, GAP_NO_CUE= trials where fixation point was removed and where cue was not presented) - 'SOA': Stimulus onset Asynchrony (2000ms, 25000ms) - 'Validity_n': type of trials (1 = cued; 2 = uncued and 0 = cue was no presented) - 'Time' - time interval count from cue onset. - 'Baseline_mean' - mean pupil size measured before cue onset - 'Pupil' - pupil size measured after cue onset - 'PUPIL_baseline': difference between baseline_mean and Pupil - 'Condition1' - corresponds to the column termed: Condition1_name - 'Condition2' - corresponds to the column termed: Condition2_name - 'Condition3' - corresponds to the column termed: Condition3_name and Condition3_v2_name ## Relevant variables in `behavioral_cue.xlsx` and `behavioral_no_cue.xlsx` - 'sub': number of participants - 'TRIAL_N': ordinary number of a trial (without counting fixation break trials) - 'con': condition (1=fixation trials; 2-fixation offset). Related to column 'condition_name' - 'validity': 1=cued (valid), 2=uncued (invalid), 3= trials when the cue was not presented - 'S': SOA (1=2000ms, 2=2500ms). Related to column 'soa_name' - 'RT' - reaction time (ms) - 'target': target presentation (left, right)



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