DRIVE raw data

Published: 24 July 2019| Version 5 | DOI: 10.17632/y3ds55n88r.5
E. Robert McDonald, Antoine de Weck, Michael R Schlabach, Eric Billy, Konstantinos J Mavrakis, Gregory R Hoffman


These are the raw and genelevel data from the DRIVE pooled shRNA screen. It contains read counts for 398 cancer cell lines screened for 7’837 genes with an average of 20 shRNAs per gene. The data are provided as a RDS file that can be read in R using the readRDS function. They are formatted as a data.frame containing a unique identifier of the individual shRNA, its sequence, the plasmid counts, the sample counts, an experiment identifier, the name of the pool and the cell line name. Plasmid counts refers to shRNA abundance in the library input, and sample counts refers to NGS counts of individual shRNAs post drop-out screen. To query and download processed data, an interactive tool is available:



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