Linearly extruded, tapered, twisted, and tapered and twisted cantilever beam datasets with static and dynamic finite element analysis results

Published: 1 December 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/y3m8xm6kfk.2
Philippe Wyder,


These datasets consist of cantilever beams that were extruded from randomly generated cross-sections with various twist angles and taper ratios over a length of 600mm. Each data point consists of a beam .BREP, .STEP, and .STL file, grayscale cross-section images, cross-section vertices, extrude length, twist angle (for twisted beams), FEA loadcase for static analysis, beam volume, second moment (moment of inertia), matrix of inertia. Each beam underwent two COMSOL finite element analyses: static analysis and frequency analysis. From the static analysis each data point includes volume maximum total displacement, displacement field, and principal stress. From the frequency analysis each data point includes the first three eigenfrequencies (Hz) as well as the corresponding quality factor for the eigenvalue, angular frequency (rad/s), total stored energy (J), and the number of degrees of freedom. The data set was generated to train a convolutional neural network (CNN) to predict finite element analysis FEA outcomes. Dataset Overview: SlenderBeamDS: 17501 linearly extruded beams TwistedBeamDS: 17501 30-degree twisted beams LinearDS: 5001 linearly extruded beams* TA50DS: 5001 beams with a 50% taper* TW15DS: 5001 15-degree twisted beams* TW15TA50DS: 5001 15-degree twisted beams with a 50% taper* TW30TA50DS: 5001 30-degree twisted beams with a 50% taper* *generated from the first 0-5000 datapoints of the TwistedBeamDS All datasets share the following specifications: Extrusion Length: 600mm Radius Range: 24-63 Vertices Range: 3-30 Min. Volume From Pixel Accuracy: +/- 5% For additional dataset specific specifications see Dataset_Table.xlsx. File structure --------------- <dataset_name>/0 ├── body.brep ├── body.step ├── body.stl ├── img │   ├── img_agrayscale_128.jpg │   ├── img_agrayscale_32.jpg │   ├── img_agrayscale_48.jpg │   ├── img_agrayscale_64.jpg │   ├── img_agrayscale_96.jpg │   ├── img_bw.jpg │   ├── img_cbw.jpg │   └── img_grayscale.jpg ├── label │   ├── curlDisplacement.npy │   ├── displacementFieldmm.npy │   ├── ef1.npy │   ├── ef2.npy │   ├── ef3.npy │   ├── empf1.npy │   ├── empf2.npy │   ├── empf3.npy │   ├── MatrixOfInertia.npy │   ├── npf1.npy │   ├── npf2.npy │   ├── npf3.npy │   ├── principalStrain.npy │   ├── secondMoment.npy │   ├── totalDisplacementmm.npy │   ├── totalVonMises.npy │   └── volume.npy └── numbers ├── extrude_length.npy ├── FEAloadCase.npy ├── taper_ratio.npy^ ├── twist_angle.npy^ └── verts.npy ^these files are not present in TwistedBeamDS and SlenderBeamDS File Type Description: .brep → Open CASCADE 3D model format .step → Standard for the Exchange of Product Data ISO Standard 3D model format .STL → standrd triangulated mesh file format .jpg → standard compressed image format .npy → NumPy array file (including dtype and shape information)


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Engineering, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Aluminum, Finite Element Methods, Image Database, Bending, Bending Load, Structural Vibration, Statics, Dynamic Analysis, Structural Finite Element