Dynamic Palmitoylation of STX11 Facilitates Injury-induced Fatty Acid Uptake to Promote Muscle Regeneration Wang et al

Published: 4 December 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/y49xnnnftc.1
Tong-Jin Zhao


Different types of cells uptake fatty acids in response to different stimuli or physiological conditions; however, little is known about context-specific regulation of fatty acid uptake. Here, we show that muscle injury induces fatty acid uptake in muscle stem cells (MuSCs) to promote their proliferation and muscle regeneration. In human and mice, fatty acids are mobilized after muscle injury. Through CD36, fatty acids function as both fuels and growth signals to promote MuSC proliferation. Mechanistically, injury triggers the translocation of CD36 in MuSCs, which relies on dynamic palmitoylation of STX11. Palmitoylation facilitates the formation of STX11/SNAP23/VAMP4 SANRE complex, which stimulates the fusion of CD36- and STX11-containing vesicles. Restricting fatty acids supply, blocking fatty acid uptake, or inhibiting STX11 palmitoylation attenuates muscle regeneration. Our studies have identified a critical role of fatty acids in muscle regeneration and shed light on context-specific regulation of fatty acid sensing and uptake. The uploaded data include the uncropped images of the western blots.



Fudan University


Stem Cell, Muscle, Fatty Acid Metabolism