Dataset for the Comprehensive Characterisation of a Low-Frequency-Vibration Energy Harvester

Published: 4 July 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/y4cmrsdv9f.1


This dataset contains the measurements of the procedure to fully characterise a novel vibration energy harvester (presented in operating in the ultra-low-frequency range. The details of the experimental setup and fully characterization procedure can be found in: The experimental measurements include not only the input (acceleration)–output (energy) response but also the (internal) dynamic behaviour of the system, making use of a synchronised image processing and signal acquisition system. The result of the processed video (angular positions of the masses) and calculation of their two time derivatives by means of the Tikhonov regularization have also been included. Additionally, the calculation of the power generated in the windings has also been included. In "Videos" folder are the recorded videos at 240fps. In "Measurements" folder data form each experiment can be found in different files. First column is time, second and third columns are accelerometer measurements, and the rest of the columns are the different voltages measured at each coil. In "Post-processed data" are the estimated angular positions (2,3,4 columns), velocities (4,5,6 columns) and accelerations (7,8,9 columns) obtained form the post-processed videos. The last column is the estimated power harvested by the device. The name of the file name is in line with the experiment.


Steps to reproduce

This experimental setup and post-processing procedures are described in


Universidad Publica de Navarra


Signal Processing, Nonlinear System Identification, Video Processing, Applied Mechanics, Energy Harvesting