MuniciGobMex-2021: characteristics of the municipal governments in Mexico

Published: 21 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/y4vsgfrtdc.1
Sergio Coria


MuniciGobMex-2021 contains data about the characteristics of municipal governments in Mexico. It contains 73 attributes of 2,463 municipalities about: administrative characteristics of the government (e.g. number of employees per age, sex, educational level, etc.), political party of the Mayor, election mode of the public servants, financial capability of the government, and availability of information and communication technologies in government facilities. This dataset has been produced by processing data from three government sources: 1) the 2019 Census on Municipal Governments (by the Mexican Institute on Statistics and Geography, INEGI), 2) the 2021 Database of Mayors, available at the Municipal Information System (by the Mexican Institute for Federalism and Municipal Development, INAFED), and 3) the 1989-2020 Statistics on State and Municipal Public Finance (by INEGI).


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Universidad de la Sierra Sur


Local Government, e-Government, Government