2022 Agua Salud Soil CO2 Fluxes - Raw Data

Published: 20 February 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/y5252tv6bm.1
Claire Beckstoffer


Raw data on soil CO2 fluxes, forest floor mass, soil moisture, soil temperature and soil organic carbon collected from 20 forest sites in a chronosequence in Agua Salud, Panama between September 2 2022 and December 2 2022. Data was collected in order to determine how soil CO2 fluxes and relevant drivers change as tropical moist forest naturally regenerates on former pasture lands. Measurements were taken in pasture plots and three secondary forest age classes including 7 years, 24-32 years, and 80+ years after forest establishment. 10 samples for soil CO2 flux, forest floor mass, soil temperature and soil moisture were collected for each site, split between upslope and downslope transects (200 measurements total), while 5 samples for soil organic C were collected per site (100 measurements total). The data shows a significant (nearly two-fold) decrease in soil CO2 fluxes between the pasture plots and forest plots. The table shows site identification, forest age, intermediate values for relevant calculations and final values for CO2 flux, forest floor mass, soil organic C, soil temperature and soil moisture.



Forest Management, Tropical Soil, Soil Respiration, Tropical Forest Ecosystem


Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

NSF Luquillo LTER DEB-1831952