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Published: 2 December 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/y54w8nj4t3.1
Abdul Fofanah


The main purpose of this study was to establish whether the available ICT infrastructures are adequate enough to meet the ICT needs of the University; and to find out whether the investment or adoption or improvement in “ICT-designed learning environment” will create the desired impact in the transfer of knowledge to the learner at the Njala University. GENERAL OBJECTIVE The general objective of the research was to ascertain whether the investment or improvement in “ICT-designed learning” will help to improve learning outcomes. Specific Objectives: The Specific Objectives of this survey are as follows: 1. To establish the availability of relevant educational ICT infrastructure within Njala University Campuses; 2. To find out whether the provision of equitable access to ICT enabled education and training in the University will help to improve learning outcomes; and 3. To determine whether the provision of affordable ICT infrastructure can facilitate dissemination of knowledge and skills through e-learning platforms.



Computer Science