Sheep Facial Expression Primary Data-set

Published: 15 March 2020| Version 5 | DOI: 10.17632/y5sm4smnfr.5
Alam Noor,


The sheep facial expression primary dataset has been cropped of the collection sheep imagesfrom ImageNet, NADIS, Pixabay, Flickr, and Gettyimages with high resolutions. It consists of 1500 plus sheep face images which has two subset normal and abnormal sheep faces. The abnormality of sheep can be identify by ears, eyes and mouth of the sheep. If the ears pinna visible than have no pain else for less visible and not visible have low and high pain respectively. Similarly for eyes and mouth will depends upon V and U shape. Here we uploaded a sample subset and complete dataset. This dataset has been used in our coming research article. We have aim to collect more images which will be helpful to find pain in sheep through deep learning. As deep learning needs big data to complete a desired task from scratch, while currently we used transfer learning to find abnormality of sheep from there faces with deep learning.



Harbin Institute of Technology


Animal Health Management, Sheep Behavior, Facial Recognition, Facial Pain, Facial Trauma, Decision Support System in Animal Health Management, Deep Learning, Animal Health Monitoring System