Proactive strategies to promote responsible use of ChatGPT-4 in geography didactics classrooms

Published: 25 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/y69877s5gn.1
Christa van Staden


It was assumed that student-teachers would adopt ChatGPT-4 - even if they have to pay for using it - if it is a better tool than ChatGPT-4 for specific tasks in geography didactics classrooms. This dataset was generated to determine if ChatGPT-4 is the better tool; therefore, it also included translated results f a previous study regarding ChatGPT-3.5 usefulness in GD-classrooms. The same themes were selected for previous study's discussions, and the same prompts were used for comparative purposes, but more prompts have been used to explore ChatGPT-4's advanced capabilities. The prompts and responses for each of the discussions are provided in this dataset. A link to a preprint of the paper based on this dataset will be provided as soon as the paper is ready to be submitted.


Steps to reproduce

Themes and prompts used in published paper to determine if ChatGPT-3.5 would be adopted in geography subject didactics classrooms were used to explore ChatGPT-4's potential to be adopted, but more prompts were added to better explore ChatGPT-4. All prompts and all responses are provided per theme in this dataset.


University of the Free State - South Campus


Geography, Artificial Intelligence, Education